Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bezel Setting

It's interesting how sometimes the easiest jewellery principles are the hardest to pull off. I'm sad to say that I've been working on this particular project for a lot longer then I'm proud of.

I haven't done a bezel set stone since I was in school, which is a little over two years ago. I remember it being quite easy, and I was quite excited to get this project going.

Apparently bezel set stones are a little more difficult then I remember.

I'm lucky enough to have a hammer handpiece for my flexshaft that my partner bought for me last valentines day. Generally this tool was a complete godsend for doing bezel set stones, and I didn't have one in school. I thought this would be such a simple project!

I really struggled with this bezel. I'm not sure what I've messed up, personally. I used a step bezel wire, which had a wall of approximately 0.4mm. I made sure to anneal the bezel cup. I actually had a proper tool with which to set. I still ended up spending about half an hour setting this stone, when it should have only taken me 10.

All that aside, at least the project is completed. The stone is a beautiful natural citrine, and the entire piece is sterling silver. It's beautiful and shiny, and I'm incredibly happy about it. I'll be putting it up on my Etsy before too long.