Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fidgety Projects

I am finally nearly finished a project that I've been thinking about for quite some time.

This is a basic spinner ring that's been growing in my mind for quite some time. I simply made a 10mm wide band ring (I just kept hammering the texture until it fit my finger properly). Once I had it fitting nicely, I measured the diameter and made a copper band that fits nicely over it. I had to stretch it a little just to make sure it would spin freely over the silver.

Now that the two parts fit together well, I have to use a dapping punch to slightly flare the edges of the silver so the copper won't slip off.

I don't have a dapping punch.

So tomorrow, I'm going to the hardware store to see if I can locate a large ball peen hammer. It's not perfect, but sometimes you really have to make due with the tools you have.

Maybe now I'll have a ring to fidget with instead of biting my nails. Here's hoping!

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